Why Choose Us

Complete FTP client.

Our FTP client has everything you need and already know. File explorer, copy files and folders between projects, delete and rename are some of the various functions available.

Easy Path

You'll find this option to "include" when you right-click any file. It allows to easily include your files in a notepad.

File versioning

Your files are automatically versioned when saved. The time which they are stored depends on the type of your dropbox account. For more information, see the official dropbox article.

Customization and Responsiveness

We offer 20 different themes to leave your Devmid the way you like, and comes with and IDE that works even in your smartphone.

Complete development environment.

We offer everything you can expect from a local IDE. Auto complete for more than 110 different languages, undo, redo, copy, paste, tab spacing and Emmet support.


We support JADE and SASS currently. We also enjoy these technologies, and we intend to implement more preprocessors in the future.

Color Pallet

Our color palette offers a wide range of beautiful shades to choose from. With just one click you can choose the color you want.

Source code organizer

This tool will organize your source code indenting it on Allman style in a matter of seconds. Available for HTML, PHP, Javascript and CSS. is stored on SSDs.

This means more agility to navigate in our system. Enjoy.

Connection to the server

We support FTP and SFTP connections. Once connected to your server, just enjoy the advantage of working with speed and security

Team management

If you have a team plan, you can manage your members with ease. Distribute your accounts the way you want, and delegate projects with total security and tranquility. Soon also be available from product usage statistics for each team member, as online time and history of open files..