Devmind Features

Check out all the features has.

Fully Responsive is completely responsive, so it will work on any device, from desktop to mobile.

Easy Path

Link your files easily. Just right-click the file you want to add into another and it will do all the things you need for you.

Complete FTP Client

Create, Rename and Delete any files you want, as in any FTP client.

Integration Platforms will create automatic backups of your files before saving your changes, this ensure you have a way to go back if you ever need. Dropbox, Github and Gitlab have different timing to keep the backups, check their documentation in order to know details.

Simultaneous Edition

You and anyone you want can edit files together with you, no conflict.

Progressive Web App uses the PWA technology. With this we can deliver a native and reliable experience to Desktops and Mobile Devices, without heavy downloads for you.

Servers with SSDs

To ensure the system will be fast and reliable, we stored all data into SSDs.

RSA Encryption

All data from FTP and SFTP is encrypted with RSA algorith in your browser before being sent to our servers.

SSL Certificate

Our SSL Certificate has the maximum grade at qualys SSL Labs!