Why use Devmind.io?

Devmind.io integrates handy and versatile tools, eliminates rework and
makes your development faster.

Cloud development

Develop using only your web browser, connecting with a FTP or SFTP server

Team management

Easily manage your ftp servers for your team members and follow their work progress

No rework

Work in a nice place while keeping your files safe.

With devmind.io you can

Connect easily to your FTP or SFTP server

With devmind.io, you can easily connect to your SFTP or FTO server. Once connected, all you need to do is to enjoy developing with security and convenience.

Work anywhere you want

Our design is straight foward and fully responsive. That means you can work anywhere on any device.

  • Support for multiple devices

  • Backup and file versioning via Dropbox

  • Simple and straight foward layout

Most used technologies

Our clients really appreciate PHP,SASS,HTML5 and javascript. But you're not limited to it! Check out our supported technologies on our features page.

Safety in first place

We take security very seriously. We use long duration HSTS, encrypt all your sensitive data with RSA cryptography and your authentication is done with Dropbox.

  • HTTPS perfect forward secrecy with strict transport security. A+ rating on Qualys SSL Labs.

  • RSA cryptography in all your sensitive data

  • Authentication via Dropbox

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